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#Review – Lift

Lift, the debut feature film from director Conor Armstrong Sanfrey, is a bare-bones, taut drama with enough edginess and emotional impact to endorse it

#Review: Julieta

A deeply bleak view of the deterministic nature of life and the inevitability of melancholy, Julieta is a reason to keep believing in the power of cinema

Review: David Brent: Life on the Road

Life on the Road is not going to convert any Gervais-sceptics, but it is superior to most comedies you’ll see in the cinema at the moment

#Review: Dead Along The Way

Dead Along The Way is a black comedy that zips along thanks largely to some wonderfully sharp writing and more than a little charm

Highest Rated Films

The Queen of Ireland

The Queen of Ireland is a powerful, moving document that acts as a time-capsule of emotion and social change. It’s also the funniest film of the year

Captain America: Civil War

Once the dust has settled, you’ll leave exhilarated, elated and having witnessed the closest thing cinema has gotten yet to a perfect comic-book movie

Inside Out

Dazzling animation, loveable characters and a heartfelt story combine to make Pixar’s finest film in years