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An adolescent mean streak ensures that the bloody, brash and oddly-conventional Deadpool is an equal-opportunities offender


Strangerland overcomes soapy plotting with fine performances and a stark, atmospheric look


The storytelling’s a little functional, but the story at the heart of Spotlight ensures you’re rarely less than gripped


Youth threatens to be stylishly lightweight, but fine performances and deft touches of emotion lend it a pleasant memorability

Highest Rated Films

Inside Out

Dazzling animation, loveable characters and a heartfelt story combine to make Pixar’s finest film in years

The Queen of Ireland

The Queen of Ireland is a powerful, moving document that acts as a time-capsule of emotion and social change. It’s also the funniest film of the year

Patrick’s Day

A powerful, hard-hitting and emotional ride of a film, superbly framed and exquisitely performed, this is worth every cent of the admission price