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#Review: The Commune

Neither hilarious or humourless, happy nor sad, Danish director Thomas Vinterberg’s The Commune is one of those films that just has to be experienced

#Review: Fire at Sea

Fire at Sea is a credit to the potential of documentary filmmaking, with acute sensitivity and seamless edits more reminiscent of fiction

#Review: The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon is a warped, gorgeous spectacle that won’t dramatically change minds about Nicolas Winding Refn – expect strong, divisive reactions

#Review: Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age: Collision Course, the fifth instalment in the franchise, will be an enjoyable watch for children and just about tolerable for adults

Highest Rated Films

The Queen of Ireland

The Queen of Ireland is a powerful, moving document that acts as a time-capsule of emotion and social change. It’s also the funniest film of the year

Captain America: Civil War

Once the dust has settled, you’ll leave exhilarated, elated and having witnessed the closest thing cinema has gotten yet to a perfect comic-book movie

Inside Out

Dazzling animation, loveable characters and a heartfelt story combine to make Pixar’s finest film in years