A new take on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale, Angelina Jolie gives traditional baddie Maleficent a tragic, heartfelt, makeover.
Loving is a wonderful film, filled with heartwarming performances and a touching narrative that sadly loses focus at times.
A Little Chaos is so well pruned and trimmed that there's nothing to snag you or leave a mark. It's soufflé-light.
A disappointingly dull action comedy. Feels like a straight-to-video rip-off of Men of Black made with absolutely no effort or budget.
Love, Simon
Love, Simon is a wonderful story that everybody needs to see. It will bring you to tears as you join Simon on this journey of self-discovery and will help those still unsure among us to maybe say something that will set them free.
Gordon-Levitt manages to craft a very entertaining and at times tender story about the pitfalls that they present and how destructive they can be when they get out of control.
Taking a very simple premise and crafting it into something so riveting makes Metro Manila a film that you can not afford to miss.