Windmill Lane

Windmill Lane

For four decades Windmill Lane has been a cornerstone of creativity in Ireland, working with filmmakers, musicians, artists & creatives, helping them do what they do best – by doing what we do best. They are Editors, Creatives, Colourists, Sound-Artists, Technologists, Producers & more. They are a bespoke team dedicated to working collaboratively with creatives, brands, production companies & agencies from all over the world to create top-class content.

With its origins in the Dublin docklands, Windmill Lane became world renowned for its recording studio, music video production & commercials in the 80’s and 90’s, with founder James Morris branching out to set up The Mill in London in 1990 and TV3 in 1998.

Since then, the company has developed into a formidable force both in the Irish & International markets, for its passion and expertise in commercials, feature film, TV drama & content creation, further enhanced with a move away from its famous graffitti covered walls to a fully integrated facility in Herbert St. in the heart of Dublin’s Georgian district and the establishment in 2010 of Windmill Lane VFX as Ireland’s first dedicated visual effects company.

Today, on the strength of its track record & the artistry of its talent, Windmill continues to strive for world class excellence at home & has its sights set confidently on international expansion.

Latest News

Windmill Lane & Number 4 announce new theatrical audio mixing facility #Industry: Windmill Lane & Number 4 announce new theatrical audio mixing facility - Number 4, Windmill Lane’s audio division, announces a strategic partnership with Odeon Cinemas to offer clients theatrical audio mixing facilities.
L’Accabadora #IrishAbroad: Irish/Italian co-production L’Accabadora scores big at Italian Box Office - L’Accabadora, a co-production between Dublin-based Mammoth Films and Rome’s Film Kairos earned more than €250,000 in its first weeks of release in Italy.
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