#IrishFilm: Watch the trailer for microbudget Irish dark comedy The Three Don’ts

Celtic Badger Media has released the trailer for their first feature, the microbudget dark comedy The Three Don’ts, directed by Paddy Murphy.

The film tells the story of Jason and Benson; two normal, down on their luck, broke twenty-somethings in Limerick, Ireland. They receive an opportunity to make a lot of money for a “Simple Job” from the enigmatic and dangerous Banger. The only thing he asks is that they follow The Three Don’ts. If they can do that they might just make it through the night alive… Well, that’s if the gangs, assassins or drug kingpin don’t get them first.

The film stars Brian Clancy, Nathan Wong, Adam Moylan, John O Connor, Aaron Walsh, Paddy Murphy, Ben Yau, and Courtney McKeon. It is written by Murphy and Clancy, based on a concept by Clancy and Mickey Ridley. It is produced by Murphy, Clancy and Barry Fahy for Celtic Badger Media.

Speaking about the film, director Paddy Murphy said:

The film started life as a 30 minute short, which was well received, so we decided to expand it into a feature film. The trailer had its exclusive world premiere in Vancouver for the Vancouver Badass Film Festival before Adam Rifkin’s Directors Cut on the 26th of February. The trailer went down a storm with plenty of whooping and laughing in the theater (at the right beats!).

The trailer has been available for twenty-four hours with no marketing push and already it’s received over a thousand views on Youtube. It’s been praised by international filmmakers like Stu Jopia (Good Tidings), Jill Gevargizian (The Stylist), Katie Bonham (Mindless), Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser/Nightbreed), Gigi Saul Guerrero (El Gigante), Tristan Risk  (American Mary/The Editor) and Sarah Daly (Lord of Tears/Unkindness of Ravens).

Take a look and see for yourself! The Three Don’ts is currently in talks with distributors and festivals and should hit our screens soon.

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