and Industry Trust for IP Awareness Love World IP Day 2015

On April 26th every year, World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated in order to promote discussion of the role of intellectual property (IP) in encouraging innovation and creativity.

To celebrate the day, supported by the Industry Trust for IP Awareness and Into Film UK, released a new “LOVE IS” trailer online. This message tells the story of both young love and a love of films.

The Irish Film Institute will exclusively screen this trailer before each feature to show their support for World IP Day and also to thank their audiences for buying a ticket.The trailer will then be shown at a number of national film festivals and screening events throughout the summer.

Alison Crinion, Communications Director for the Industry Trust feels that this is a perfect time to release such a message, especially in the light of the recent Core Media study that has shown 1 in 5 of all adults in Ireland have downloaded illegal content over the last 12 months.

[quote] is feels that it’s great to work on a message that reaches young adults – It’s crucial that the film industry is connecting them with legal services, making it easy to choose to pay for official content and less likely that they would inadvertently or intentionally access pirate website.[/quote]

This campaign is also supported with an In Cinema Poster campaign and online support across a number of platforms.  On May 16th will take place in a Music & Film WIP Event created by