Unstoppable – Poster

Denzel Washington and Tony Scott have graduated from subway to train in their quest to make every form of public transport unsafe, with their newest collaboration is Unstoppable.

Captain Kirk himself, Chris Pine and Washington star as railway engineers who must stop an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train carrying combustible liquids and deadly gas from wiping out an entire city.

Scott of course is no stranger to the action genre having given the world Top Gun, Crimson Tide and most recently The Taking of Pelham 123. Here he works from a script by Live Free or Die Hard scribe Mark Bomback, who has just the perfect name for an action movie writer.

In addition to this new poster, which depicts Washington and Pine but seems lacking in the train department, I have embedded the trailer below. This has all the makings of another no-brainer action movie but with who’s involved it just might be very good.

Unstoppable is out November 12th. Poster comes courtesy of IMP Awards.