Documentary about the two big resources in the North Atlantic, fish and oil, and the impact of their exploitation on the environment in various countries on both sides of the Atlantic.
Mattress Men
Trying to save his struggling mattress business, Michael Flynn reinvents himself as the eccentric online persona 'Mattress Mick', under the guidance of his friend Paul Kelly. As business begins to grow, their friendship starts to implode. --- Directed by: Colm Quinn
The Siege of Jadotville © Netflix/Parallel Films
Jadotville (2016) — Thriller, Drama - 1 January 2016 Your rating: Not rated yet! Irish Commandant Pat Quinlan leads a stand...
The Flag - Image
The Flag tells the story of Harry Hambridge (Pat Shortt ) who is a down-on-his-luck paddy living in London. In one day he loses his job, father and beloved pet hamster, Mouse. On returning home to bury his father, he finds a statement from his Grandfather, claiming that it was he who raised the flag over the GPO during the 1916 Rising, which now hangs upside-down in an army barracks in England. Too long used to the mockery of his life, he sets out with his motley crew to find that “fecking flag” and maybe his passion for life along the way. --- Directed by Declan Recks --- Starring: Pat Shortt, Moe Dunford, Simone Kirby, Ruth Bradley, Brian Gleeson
HHhH (2016) — Action, History, Thriller - 1 January 2016 Your rating: Not rated yet! 1942 : The Third Reich is...