3 Days to Kill


Meet Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner). A retired CIA operative who has been given no choice but to retire. With time not on his side he travels back to France to reconnect with the family he left years before. With a young daughter who he barely knows and a wife who doesn’t know how to be around him and an apartment that has been taken over by squatters, he has his work cut out for him to adapt back in to a normal life.

Thankfully for him, that will not be a problem as he bumps in to the alluring but mysterious ViVi (Amber Heard) at the market. She offers him a lifeline. An experimental drug for one last job. Can he afford to do it? Can he afford not to do it is the question? He accepts and begins his course of drugs and what will be the biggest job of his career to date.

What would this operation that much more difficult? Yes, the fact that his wife is going away and he is now his daughters sole guardian for a few days. It’s hard being a CIA operative and a Father all at the same time.

I must point out at this point that the scripting for this film is highly entertaining and there are quite a few laugh out loud moments between all the characters but Ethan’s daughter, played by Hailee Steinfeld does a superb job as the stroppy teenager who just wants to be left alone and doesn’t want her Dad interfering in her life.

3 Days to Kill is an action packed film. It’s full of fast cars, lots of gun fights, smashing windows and essentially wreaking havoc on the city of Paris. There is another side to this film.

Ethan is willing to do anything, even take experimental drugs and do the one thing he said he would never do again, just to add a few more years to his life. He is a man full of regret who would do anything to survive.

Over all 3 Days to Kill is definitely worth a watch. If you are a fan of your action films you will enjoy it and if you like something a bit deeper you will get that too. It’s one of those films that has something for everyone!

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