Irish Animation: Geronimo Productions secures worldwide distribution for Nelly & Nora

Irish animation company Geronimo Productions announced today that their new series Nelly & Nora will have its world premiere on RTEjr from 2nd February.

With support from RTE and The Irish Film Board the company pitched the series internationally at Mipcom 2013 where it was immediately snapped up by major world broadcast, distribution and publishing players.

BBC (CBeebies) quickly secured the UK rights hotly followed by BBC Worldwide who then secured the rest of the world for International Distribution and Global CBeebies channels. Separately Geronimo inked a major deal with the largest broadcaster in Germany ZDF (KIKA). The series is already selling well in other territories and will air in many other countries this year. BBC (B) will transmit the series this coming May.

International Book Publishers also saw the series potential with Geronimo choosing leading publisher Walker Books to partner with them on the project. The first hardback book will be published early next year as part of an extensive publishing programme.

“This is the perfect storm, the best terrestrial TV partners, world class distributor and publisher, but most importantly the new talent of Emma Hogan and Jamie Teehan, I am humbled” said Gerard O’Rourke, series creator and principal of Geronimo Productions.

Following it’s debut on RTEjr Nelly & Nora will be launched internationally at BBC Worldwide’s Annual Showcase in Liverpool in February and also at Kidscreen in Miami in the same week.

This delightful series, aimed for preschoolers, follows the stories of two young sisters who spend their holidays and weekends with their parents at the family’s mobile home in a camping park by the sea.

Nestled between a sheltered beach and a farm, the girls love the freedom of the Camping Park where they spend most of their time outdoors having exciting adventures and making lifelong memories. Spending so much time outside means the weather plays a major part in the girls’ daily fun – windy days can be chaotic, rainy days make raindrop music, while sunny days can be just too hot.

With charming stories and engaging characters, the series entertains young viewers and encourages them to discover that the weather outside is something to be embraced and enjoyed.

Speaking on his idea for the show, creator Gerard O’Rourke said, “This series was inspired by a regular family holiday in Wicklow and is based on our obsession as a nation with the weather”. Gerard noticed that his own two daughters were always playing outside their holiday home, regardless of the weather. While on the other hand, adults tend to allow the weather dictate their every movement.

Nelly & Nora will soon be bringing the Irish obsession with the weather to international audiences as well, as the show will be broadcast and published through BBC Worldwide and Walker Books. The series is developed by Emma Hogan and directed by Jamie Teehan, both new emerging talents in these roles and both have been hugely instrumental in shaping this series and attracting the partners involved. The voice talent include two young girls Clodagh Kane and Aoibhinn Mc Auley who play Nelly and Nora, amazing new talents alongside the veteran Ardal O’Hanlon who plays Dad, Linda Teehan as Mum and Paul Tylak as Farmer Joe.

[quote]Nelly & Norais a fantastic opportunity to indulge the national obsession with the weather for the RTÉjr audience! Gerard, Emma, Jamie and the team at Geronimo have created a truly beautiful and charming series that just sings on screen. Nelly & Nora is bursting with personality and fun and will delight our preschool audience and their parents alike as it dips us into the typical Irish family holiday scenario with style.[/quote] Pauline MacNamara, RTÉ Young People’s Executive Producer, Animation and Independent Commissioning YPP

[quote]We are looking forward to introducing our young audience to Nelly & Nora. They will love getting to know these two lively girls.  Whatever the weather, Nelly and Nora have fun and adventures outdoors – and we’re sure that CBeebies viewers will find two new friends in this charming series. [/quote] Alison Stewart, Head of Cbeebies Production, Animation and Acquisitions

[quote]Nelly & Nora is a clever, smart and charming show that will entertain KiKA viewers and win their hearts with delightful stories full of sunshine, clouds, snow and storms!. [/quote] Sebastian Debertin, Head of KiKA, Germany (ARD/ZDF)
[quote]We are so excited to be the global publishers of the delightful “Nelly & Nora” and know the TV series and our books will charm children all over the world.[/quote] Helen McAleer, Chief Global Development Officer Walker Group and Managing Director Walker Productions