Dublin Oldschool Premiere

#RedCarpetReport: Dublin Oldschool World Premiere

It’s not often one gets to conduct red carpet interviews with old-school nineties dance tunes pumping in the back ground. The world premiere of Dublin Oldschool at the Lighthouse Cinema on Thursday night was a buzzing and electric occasion.

Scannain first met Séana Kerslake and Mark O’Halloran as they arrived both looking very pleased with themselves.

Dublin Oldschool Premiere

Scannain: Una Mullally recently commented that for some “Dublin Oldschool will be a revelation and for others it’s home” What is it to you? Did it resonate with you personally as a Dublin you know?

Seána Kerslake: Yes it was definitely a Dublin I know. How I was involved in the script though, I was very out of all the partying. So I was kind of on the peripheral of the party scene in the film.My relationship with Emmet ( Jason) was far more just the two of us and I think a lot of people can connect to that. That relationship that may not be good for you, you are brought back.
So its definitely a Dublin I know, being in a relationship and everything that encompasses and trying to make things work.

Mark O’Halloran: The one thing about making the film was it was a joyous experience. It was so much fun to do. I wasn’t in it a huge amount but I just loved the days I turned up, the family feeling that was going on down there.Its very fresh and I think its going to play really well. People will love seeing it and it will remind them of their partying days and people will know those who took the partying too far. So it will be recognisable to many people as well as being fresh and innovative and fun and young and vibrant.

Seána Kerslake: And as well as that, its poignant and a little more of other things like family, friendships and relationships and how all that works so its got a lot of layers.

Ian Lloyd Anderson was on top form, the being a double celebration for him as he became a Dad again, just three before.

Dublin Oldschool Premiere

Scannain: You were in the original play with Emmet, did you find your role in the film easier or more difficult?

Ian Lloyd Anderson: Well there was less to do. In a weird way, I play every other part in the play other than Emmet’s obviously, so to be able to hand the rest of those parts away to some of the best actors in Ireland, in my opinion ,like Sarah Greene and Seána and Liam Heslin, who a lot of people don’t know but they are going to know after this- a serious actor. And then to get the opportunity to really focus on that brother character and physically transform him and do all the things I didnt get to do before.It was amazing to get the time and opportunity from the producers to do that.. I’m really excited to see it now and see how it turns out.

There was just enough time to chat to Dave Tynan, director and Emmet Kirwan writer and star who plays the protagonist Jason.

Dublin Oldschool Premiere

Scannain: When you saw Dublin Oldschool, the play, did you immediately think: I want to film this and what was it about the play that got you?

Dave Tynan: Yes, straight away. It was so honest and some of that spirit is in the film

Scannain: The film is so “Dublin” …

Dave Tynan: Ha yes, we are aggressively regional!

Scannain: It’s inevitably compared to films like Adam and Paul and Trainspotting, I don’t know if you like that or not?

Dave Tynan: I’m humbled and intimidated by that but I wont stop people saying that!

Scannain: Personally though, I feel Dublin Oldschool is unique and has its own personality. Especially Dublin, as a city its very much a character itself in the film

Dave Tynan: I wanted to shoot in the city because that’s there in the play. Emmet knows the city as well as the subject matter and you want to do that justice. That’s tough on actors because their eye-line is f**ked. There are fifty people watching you cos you are shooting in the middle of Grattan Bridge but I think that comes back to you and I’m very glad we did that. The location manager Sean Flynn was excellent. Its a massively important film and I’m very proud of it .  And thank you I take that as a very big complement.

Scannain: The general consensus here tonight from the actors is that it was a joy to work on the set of Dublin Oldschool so was that really the case?

Emmet Kirwan: Do you know what? We did it in a month and the writing of it and the production of it was incredibly, not difficult but that was the hard work. But working on set was amazing. Working with my friends Sarah Greene and Ian Lloyd Anderson and it was great to have that relationship on screen and you can see that. The making of the film, the shoot was the funnest I have ever ever had on any acting job every and I’m not just saying that. Pre-production, post production are the hardest… as know you. Nice one.