Scannain literally is the Irish word for movies so we honestly couldn’t think of a better name for a website about the Irish screen industry.

Scannain was founded in October 2009 initially as a blog with movie reviews, some news, but mostly rambling views on all things film. As the years have gone by the rambling has decreased and the size of the writing pool has increased from one to many, all of whom are voluntary contributors with a passion and love for film. Scannain has grown over the years to become Ireland’s largest independent film and television industry website.

In our current guise we seek to promote international films and television to an Irish audience, but more crucially Irish film and television to an Irish and international audience. Scannain will always lend a hand to Irish filmmakers and is proud of our work with the Irish independent screen industry.

The site is a collective endeavour and we are always on the lookout for more writers to join our motley crew.

The Editors:

niallNiall Murphy (@NiallXMurphy)

Founder/ Managing Editor

Niall is a life-long fan of the work of Steven Spielberg and was generally regarded as the comic-book nerd of the group until Graham came along. When not watching, writing or reading about films he can usually be found arguing over the true weight of Thor’s hammer, or spending time with his long-suffering wife, or both! He is currently Head of Business Affairs and Inward Production at Irish production company Treasure Entertainment.

jayJason Coyle (@JayCoyle)

Features Editor

Jason’s love of film begins and ends with Raging Bull. He is open to discussing the virtues of other Scorsese films, but do not utter the words “Zack Snyder” in his presence. Jason is the true Irish film expert on the Scannain team, finding them both worthwhile and technically accomplished.

Sideshow Bob

Graham Day (@GrahamGeekEire)

Reviews Editor

Graham is our token “gamer”. Founder of GamEir.ie, which is part of the Scannain Creative Network, Graham is an expert on all things Marvel, DC, and beyond in the comic-book world. Despite being an avid videogame enthusiast, he has never played any of the Zelda console games. A fact for which his day of reckoning will come.


Scannain has been fortunate over the years to have received a number of award nominations and final places. Last year we were awarded the title of Best Film & TV Blog at the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016.

Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards

2016 – Winner – Best Film & TV

2015 – Silver Medal – Best Arts & Culture

2014 – Finalist – Best Podcast

2013 – Long List – Best PopCulture


Irish Web Awards

2016 – Finalist – Best Music & Entertainment Website

2015 – Finalist – Most Beautiful Website in Ireland

2015 – Finalist – Best Daily Online Publication

2015 – Finalist – Best Entertainment Website

2015 – Finalist – Best Arts & Culture Website

2014 – Finalist – Best Daily Online Publication

2014 – Finalist – Most Useful Website

2013 – Finalist – Best Daily Online Publication

2012 – Shortlist – Best Web Only Publication

2012 – Shortlist – Best Entertainment Website

2011 – Finalist – Best Entertainment Website


2011 – Shortlist – Best Arts and Culture Blog

2011 – Shortlist – Best Popculture Blog

2010 – Nominee – Best Arts and Culture Blog

2010 – Nominee – Best Newcomer


2010 – Finalist – Best Individual Blog

To contact the editor, email editor@scannain.com

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