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Here at Scannain we are always on the lookout for new content and new ways to bring news of Irish film to our readers.

If you are involved with or know of any Irish feature or short film, or an international feature or short with Irish talent, that is currently funding/crowd-funding, casting, shooting, in pre/post-production, looking for distribution, entering into festivals, or any category we haven’t thought of please let us know.

We are offering support for all productions, and will help filmmakers with drafting a press release and getting the word out on our site and to other publications.

We have created a designated short film sub-site, called GearrScannain, that will feature news and information on short Irish films. It is also hoped that we will be able to feature the actual films themselves here and offer platform for people to view and enjoy the best in Irish independent and sponsored short film.

Scannain is a voluntary website and we are always keen to promote new voices. So if you would submit your writing for any of our categories please let us know.

Our Categories:

  • Film Reviews

Exactly what it sounds like. This is our main film reviews section.

  • Film News

This is our section for news related to international films. Primarily covers Posters, Trailers, Clips, Images, Casting, Awards, and International Box-Office.

  • Competition

Periodically we run competitions in conjunction with distributors and cinemas. This is where you will find them.

  • Editorials

Our long form articles and opinion pieces fall under this category.

  • Irish Abroad

News from foreign shores related to the screening, distribution, awards for, and financing of Irish film.

  • Irish Box-Office Update

Our weekly update of the Irish Box-Office Top Ten, and other Irish box-office related news.

  • Irish Film Classification Update

Our weekly update of the latest classifications from the Irish Film Classification Office.

  • Film Festivals

News and reviews on film festivals throughout the island.

  • Nationwide Film Events

Similar to Film Festivals, but designated to one-off cinematic events.

  • Home Viewing

News and on new releases available to rent or buy via DVD, Blu-ray or Video On Demand.

  • Cinema Reviews

A periodical look at the cinemas of Ireland themselves.

  • Scannain Talks

On occasion we are lucky enough to get to chat to Irish and international actors and filmmakers.

  • Red Carpet Report

Similar to Interviews this is where we put conversations and photographs from the red carpet.

  • In Production

This is our designated title for any news relating to Irish films currently in production.

  • Casting Notices

News related to casting calls for feature or short films shooting in Ireland.

  • In Focus

A designated section to highlight Studios, Production Companies, or Film Facilities in Ireland.

  • Retrospective

Sometimes it’s good to go back a few years and look at films or events from the past.

  • Ireland on Film

We want this section to focus on areas of the country that have been depicted on film and how they have changed or how the film impacted that area.

  • Irish Film on TV

Our column highlighting the Irish films that are on Irish television in the near future.

  • Irish TV News

News relating to Irish TV productions.

  • Online Series

News relating to Irish online productions.

  • Best of What’s Around

A catch-all category promoting the best content on Irish and international film that appears on sites other than our own.