PLASTIK Festival of Artists' Moving Image

#Festival: PLASTIK Festival of Artists’ Moving Image announces 2017 programme, March 24-26

PLASTIK Festival of Artists’ Moving Image – a festival devoted entirely to artists working with the moving image – has announced its 2017 programme. The festival brings together international and Irish work to form a distinct programme, much of which will be screening in Ireland for the first time. The Festival will take place at the Irish Film Institute and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios from March 24th to 26th.

PLASTIK aims to represent the breadth and scope of innovative and experimental work being produced in this ever-expanding field of practice, with a focus on the cinema as exhibition space.The privilege of a festival of this nature allows an intensity of work, creating uneasy combinations, and challenging perspectives through its ability to affect.

PLASTIK opens with a programme selected by artist James Richards, which will be followed by a special post-screening talk with Benjamin Cook (LUX). This event includes a celebration of the artist, curator and writer Ian White, whose work had a significant impact on a wave of artists working with the moving image today.

The weekend brings a diverse programme of screenings to Dublin – including a focus on the work of James Kienitz Wilkins (USA), curated programmes by Sasha Litvintseva (RUS/UK), Mark Toscano (USA) and aemi (IE), as well as the PLASTIK award, which foregrounds the work of emerging Irish artists. On Saturday, Irish-born, UK-based artist Yuri Pattison presents a programme selected from the LUX Collection.

Bruce Conner - Crossroads
Bruce Conner – Crossroads

A new dimension to PLASTIK is a collaborative exhibition with Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, presenting the work of UK artist Hilary Lloyd. Lloyd’s practice represents an extended engagement with the material and sculptural properties of film. Running concurrently to the festival, the exhibition highlights the nuances of moving image and its presentation, providing a decisive contrast between both cinema and gallery environment.

Saturday evening features a live performance by LA-based artist Ann Hirsch. Hirsch’s approach to the moving image focuses an online, screen-based fluency to challenge identity and gender politics within virtual platforms.

All festival screenings will take place at the Irish Film Institute, while all discussions, talks and live performances will take place at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (TBG+S). PLASTIK emerges from a collaboration between LUX, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and the Irish Film Institute, and is made possible through the generous support of the Arts Council.

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