Prelude Content boards Patricia Kelly’s Verdigris

Kildare-based production company Prelude Content has partnered with MnáMná Films and writer/director Patricia Kelly to produce the feature film Verdigris.

Verdigris tells the story of Marian and Jewel, two very different women who become unlikely friends as they realise that their similarities far outweigh their differences.

I’m really excited to be working with Patricia to bring this powerful and uplifting film to life. It tells an important and moving story with two beautiful, charming and funny characters at its centre.

Paul FitzSimons, Producer – Prelude Content

It’s absolutely fantastic to see Verdigris coming to life, watching the actors rehearse and all the heads of department work their magic. The script was written to be able to shoot on a shoestring with limited locations and a small number of characters, but the amazing cast and crew that we have on board are really helping to turn Verdigris into a very special film. And teaming up with Paul FitzSimons and Prelude Content will really give Verdigris the best chance of success into the future.

Patricia Kelly, Writer/Director

Verdigris stars Geraldine McAlinden (Bloodlands, Bad Sisters), Maya O’Shea (Normal People), Michael James Ford (Harry Wild, Striking Out) and Killian Filan (Normal People). It is written by and will be directed by Patricia Kelly and will go into production in January.

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