Hot new trailer for Brighton Rock

The Guardian have gotten the world exclusive first look at the trailer for Rowan Joffé’s Brighton Rock. I’ve also added the UK poster which Empire debuted yesterday.

Taking the classic 1938 Graham Greene novel of the same name Joffé’s version updates the action to the 1960’s, a time when gangs and violence begin to hit the streets of the UK. Caught in the middle of this upswing is Pinkie, a part-criminal criminal who is forced to marry a waitress who witnessed him commit murder in order to keep her quiet. Suffice to say things get a little harder for him from there on in.

The movie stars hot-new-thing Sam Riley as Pinkie, with Andrea Riseborough, Andy Serkis, John Hurt and Helen Mirren in support. Early buzz around the movie is mostly positive so there’s a good chance that this will eclipse the 1947 John Boulting-directed film.

Brighton Rock is out in cinemas February 4th.


An adaptation of Graham Greene’s classic novel about a small-town hood who marries a waitress who witnessed him murdering a rival thug in order to keep her quiet. As his gang begins to doubt his abilities, the man becomes more desperate and violent. The film is expected to go back to the original source material rather than the 1947 John Boulting-directed film for its inspiration, but it will be set in 1964 rather than the book’s original 1939.