Tron Legacy – Trailer

With the internet abuzz with the new Iron Man 2 trailer and the Oscars yesterday Disney wisely decided to postpone the release of it’s latest and greatest trailer until today. This new trailer is for Tron Legacy, the sequel to the 1981 Jeff Bridges starring futuristic (at the time) actioner.

The follow-up unsurprising gets the 3D upgrade and adds Garrett Hedlund as the son of his Dudeness. Searching for his lost father, Kevin Flynn finds himself drawn into the same digital world of light-cycle battles and really tight fitting lycra. Looking good in said lycra is House assistant Olivia Wilde as Kevin’s girlfriend, with Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges reprising his role from the original.

The movie is out December 17th, and if the trailer’s anything to go by it should be a humdinger.