Exclusive video-clip for Rise of the Guardians

Paramount have very kindly sent us an exclusive video-clip for DreamWorks Animation’s forthcoming feature Rise of the Guardians. The clip offers a wondrous look at Santa’s workshop.

Easily the best looking film to come out this year Rise of the Guardians follows Jack Frost, the legendary anthropomorphic personification of cold and icy weather.  Frost is the newest member of the immortal Guardians, a benevolent team of magical people that features North, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman.  Together these 5 will face off against the evil Pitch, a trickster spirit whose aim is to terrorise children and take over the world!

Chris Pine provides the voice of Jack Frost, with Alec Baldwin as North, Hugh Jackman as Bunny, Isla Fisher as Tooth and Jude Law as Pitch.

With that cast and visuals to trump even those of Pixar this promises to be one of the true cinematic highlights of this winter.

Rise of the Guardians is out in Irish cinemas November 30th.