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The Isle of Man TT is one of the iconic events in the world of motorsport, and possibly the most famous road race in the world. Relentless Energy Drink Suzuki by TAS rider and bike icon, Guy Martin, stars in Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, film maker Ross Casswell’s tribute to the course’s unforgiving 220 Mile race, with insights from key members of the team.

The fourth entry in the 2011 Short Stories film making competition, “Isle of Man Tourist Trophy” takes viewers into the world of Road Racing, a world which flies past at two hundred miles an hour. The Film makers have given us a stunning visual evocation of the sweeping landscape of the Isle of Man, and the extreme focus of the men and women who participate every year to test its roads.

Drawing on the words and experiences of the charismatic Guy Martin, a man with nine TT podiums under his belt, as well as TAS team boss Hector Neill, the film highlights the contrast between the islands usually tranquil nature, and the tense energy that invades for two weeks of carnage each year.

“It goes from one extreme to another.” says Guy. “It goes from being the epicentre of the blue-rinse brigade to this mad motor biking place. Every man and his dog who have anything to do with motor biking come down and it all goes a it crackers for a couple of weeks.”

Isle of Man Tourist Trophy doesn’t gloss over the danger of the TT, where travelling at two hundred MPH through winding country lanes is no joke. “The consequences of a mistake can be so big, you’re not going to fall off on the TT and not expect to be badly injured” says Phillip Neill, TAS team manager and veteran Guy Martin however is a man who knows all about the danger of the course and in true “no half measures” style, the danger is the reason he does it. “I want to keep it dangerous, that’s what gives me the buzz.”

About Short Stories:
Now in its 2nd year Short Stories sponsored by Relentless Energy Drink is a challenge to filmmakers around the world to explore, reveal, celebrate and define the No Half Measures attitude through the medium of film.

At the heart of Short Stories is a competition which rewards directors who can bring to life ‘Focus’: the Relentless Energy Drink

Virtue that is being brought to life as a theme this year. Short Stories portrays this quality via the words, actions and attitudes of those individuals who live and breathe it – from the worlds of core sports (skate, surf, snow, BMX) to music (rock, metal, dance, punk, drum n’ bass).

Open to amateur and professional directors, entrants must be 18 years minimum and need to submit their showreel to be selected.

For Short Stories 2011 a selection of 30 film makers were invited to provide a treatment for the Story they wished to tell. From these treatments, eight directors were selected to make their film.

The eight films will be judged on: how engaging is their narrative; whether it’s inspiring and motivational; if it provokes a fresh, new outlook; believability and honesty; technical craft; and compelling filmmaking.

The winner will be awarded £10,000 plus a contract and funding to shoot another film project for Relentless Energy Drink.

The 2011 judging panel are being finalised, but for 2010 featured editors and publishers from Sidewalk Skateboard, Dig BMX, Surf Europe, Whitelines and Huck magazines, plus the director of both Lives of the Artists films.

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