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Rebel Moon is a sci-fi epic with an ensemble cast led by Sofia Boutella. It follows an unlikely band of warriors as they are tasked with defending a village against the terrifying forces of the Motherworld.

Snyder has assembled a phenomenal cast of actors. Actors like Charlie Hunnam, Doona Bae, Djimon Hounsou and Staz Nair round out this ragtag team. There are other actors that add to the worldbuilding within this film, that I really enjoyed. The star of Rebel Moon is its story. Is it familiar? Yes, but the way it is told is epic in execution.

Rebel Moon is a simple story of rebellion told through the lens of something quite spectacular in scope. The characters though interesting in design are not given a lot to say. What happens with the characters is they speak through their actions. There are two characters in particular which I loved, Tarak (Nair) and Jimmy (Anthony Hopkins). Tarak is an exiled prince who is in shackles when we meet him and through his introductory scene, we learn so much about his character, his will and his fortitude. Jimmy is an android, one of many combat units that has become a pacifist since the fall of his king. His story is brief in the film but memorable and powerful.

Another excellent aspect of Rebel Moon is its action choreography. Watching these characters go to war is visually sumptuous. There are moments where you could take still frames from this film and put them on the wall. Accompanying this choreography and cinematography is a potent score. This film is composed by Tom Holkenborg, who has scored all of his DCEU films as well as others. He brings that same operatic sensibility and it’s brilliant. It swells in all the right places and knows when to let the moments rest in the silence.

If I had any issues it is that the film does feel chopped up. The time is divided between several interesting characters and it’s not enough, in my opinion. I’d happily have watched a longer cut, thankfully Snyder has stated there is an R-rated director’s cut coming down the line. Also, if you’re not a fan of Zack Snyder this film may not be for you because it is unapologetically a Zack Snyder film.

Rebel Moon feels like you’re seeing something brand new being added to an elaborate tapestry. This is a new weave of the same story and I love it.

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