Please Help: IADT students seek participents for film audience research project

In December the students of the Institute of Art Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire embarked on an epic quest covering 46 countries and over 30 languages to gather information for the most ambitious film audience research project yet undertaken.

The research, which is not for commercial use, is part of the World Hobbit Project, which has set itself the challenge of answering a series of research questions that will paint a picture of film viewing – the pleasures, expectations, understandings – across the globe.

The students of IADT ask that if you can spare teh time that you go to and fill out the survey online.

All findings will be made publicly available, and once completed the entire body of data and materials will be placed in the public domain for other researchers to use in whatever way they choose.

The survey was made possible by a grant from the British Academy, and is entirely independent of New Line Cinema and the films’ producers, crew, and cast.