Irish Film: Shooting on Stephen Patrick Kenny's Captive to begin August 9th

Irish director Stephen Patrick Kenny has announced his latest project, Captive, which begins shooting on August 9th.

Captive is a chilling story of 12 strangers trapped in a nightmarish situation. Mark Hutchinson’s character Dean leads as he attempts to guide 11 others through a series of games in order to get a cure for a killer virus that they all appear to have been infected with. As the clock counts down from 24 hours they have to make some decisions that will haunted them for the rest of their lives….as the decisions get harder characters are broken.

The cast includes Dublin actor Mark Hutchinson who was the lead in his previous feature The Pigman Murders which gets released this September 22nd. He will be joined by Love/Hate‘s Tom Ward, Jack Taylor‘s Camille Yourell, Nic Furlong, Rob James Capel, Feidhlim O’ Neill, Diarmuid Walsh, Emma Gunning, Frankie Moran, Connell Swords, Jamie Burke, John Sweeney, Bernie Coen, Marty Nolan, and Bernie Kavanagh who also co-produces her first feature.

Galway based award winning film-maker Stephen Patrick Kenny made his first short at just the age of seventeen but has went on to acclaim for a body of work that includes comedy Clowns, The Underground  starring boxing legend Steve Collins and zombie short Undead. The last of these was shot in just 6 hours for a budget of €100 . His ,ost well regarded work to date has been The Pigman Murders, a film which charts the story of a group of friends who battle with a masked killer in the wilderness of Connemarra.

Ahead of the Captive shoot Stephen had to say this: [quote]I am really excited to be back shooting and with such a talented cast to the one I have. We have been working very hard behind the scenes getting ready for “Captive”, and am delighted to have secured Mark as my leading man, for the second time, Mark is a young actor but brings so much experience and professionalism to everything he does. On the other hand we have a few actors making their debuts in a feature so it is a big step up to college stuff but have no doubt that they cannot wait. Captive will be very hard hitting and will show so much character due to the fact the film is set in the one location[/quote]

Captive has already signed a distribution deal and will have a 2015 release. The Pigman Murders is available on DVD, V.O.D from September 22nd.