Michael Inside

#IrishFilm: Wildcard Distribution dates Michael Inside for April 6th and releases poster

Wildcard Distribution has announced that Frank Berry’s superlative prison drama Michael Inside will be released in Irish cinemas from April 6th They have also released the poster for the film, which features a striking image of lead actor Dafhyd Flynn surrounded by the praise that the film has garnered during its festival run.

Michael Inside tells the story of Michael McCrea, an impressionable teenager who is sentenced to three months in prison after being caught holding a bag of drugs for his friend’s older brother. Inside, Michael is exposed to violence and intimidation and when he is released the film looks at how prison has affected his thinking and his behaviour.

Michael Inside sees Berry once again working with Dafhyd Flynn, who gives a moving performance as Michael, after previously worked together on the critically acclaimed I Used To Live Here. He stars here alongside Lalor Roddy and Moe Dunford. 

The film was shot in the recently decommissioned Cork Prison and in Dublin. Berry and Donna Eperon produced  for Write Direction Films, with Tristan Orpen Lynch and Aoife O’Sullivan executive producers for Subotica. The film was made with the support of the Irish Film Board.