Industry: Screen Training Ireland relaunches ASSET initiative

Screen Training Ireland has relaunched its ASSET initiative, and to mark Irish Design 2015, is broadening the fund to include specialist skills in design for physical production, including Art Department, Costume, and Make-Up.

ASSET (A Specialist Skills Enhancement and Training programme) is a flexible and bespoke training scheme led entirely by the individual participant.  Candidates can apply for an individual training fund of up 70% of the cost of training, up to a maximum of €5,000, with which they can choose a range of training interventions in order to enhance their specialist skills.  This may include on-the-job training, overseas training, or mentoring.  The fund may also be used for online training.

The 2014 initiative focused exclusively on Animation and VFX, resulting in support for nine applicants to strengthen their skills in key specialisms in the VFX/Animation/Games sectors.  The scheme will continue to support applicants working in digital production, as well as design skills for physical production.

You can find out more about the ASSET initiative and download an application form from the Screen Training Ireland website