Irish Film: The Hit Producer to play Movies@ from October 17th

Kevin de la Isla O’Neill’s innovative independent Irish feature film, The Hit Producer, will have its Irish premiere on Tuesday October 13th in at Movies@ Dundrum, before opening in Dundrum and Swords from October 17th.

The Hit Producer tells the story of Katelin Ballantine (Michelle Doherty), a struggling movie producer in search of an investor, who reluctantly follows the promise of money into Dublin’s drug underworld where she witnesses a botched murder attempt. Forced to finish the job, she is blackmailed into killing for Edmund Murren (Neill Fleming), a small time, ruthless drug supplier hell bent on becoming top dog. Two years later, Katelin has put a who’s who list of drug bosses six feet under and uses her producer role to maintain a low profile. But, when a seemingly simple job unexpectedly spirals out of control, and her identity becomes known to Murren’s remaining ambitious and vengeful rivals, she is cut loose. Now the target, and with family in the line of fire, Katelin must adapt to survive the onslaught of the drug underworld as the thin veil masking her double life slips away.

The film also stars Fergus Kealy, Rory Mullen, Aenne Barr, Karl Shiels, Andy Kellegher, Susan Barrett, Blake Norton, Bryan Baker, and Eoin Quinn. The film was shot entirely in Ireland on a crowd-funded production budget of €18,000, with Mutiny Recording Studios and Screenscene making contributions during post-production.