5nal Destination – Fifth movie gets crap title

Oh dear…Bloody Disgusting is saying that the new and fifth Final Destination is set to be titled 5nal Destination…I don’t have words to convey the awfulness of that.

Remember how the last movie was meant to be the final Final Destination? They even called it The Final Destination, with the ‘The’ seemingly signalling the end of a franchise that had long ago run out of ideas. Well that movie made a stack of money, mostly due to cinematic audiences desire to see people get hurt badly in 3D.

Good news then as this one is in 3D too, with Avatar second-unit director Steven Quale at the helm working from a script by the Nightmare on Elm Street remake scribe Eric Hesserier. The action kicks off with the destruction of a suspension bridge and our intrepid bunch of teens narrowing escaping their doom…temporarily.

The last two movies that I saw with suspension bridges being dismantled were X-Men 3: The Last Stand and 2012, and they were pretty rubbish. 5nal Destination is in cinemas August 26th, 2011.