Back to the Future is back!

“Tell me, Doctor, where are we going this time?” That’s right folks Back to the Future is back, with a theatrical release on October 1st. Even better they’ve rejigged footage from the movie to give us an all new trailer.

This re-release coincides with the Blu-ray package that is set for October 25th and features more than 2 hours of brand new extras. These include a retrospective documentary with all involved, a discussion about the film’s physics and a storyboard alternate ending sequence.

The movie was originally released in 1985 and was directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Steven Spielberg. It made Michael J. Fox, who starred alongside Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover and Thomas F. Wilson, into a superstar. Telling the story of an ordinary kick who travels back in time to 1955 via a time machine DeLorean this is one of the greatest comedy adventures ever filmed.

BTTF is one of those movies that I will watch time and time again so this is like an early Christmas.