Casting Couch: October 15 2010

So who’s on the couch today…

Christopher Walken, the immensely cool and fabulously talented, Christopher Walken has signed on to star in Happiness director Todd Solondz’ next movie Dark Horse. The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Walken will join a cast that already boasts Mia Farrow, The Hangover‘s Justin Bartha, selma Blair and Law & Order: SVU star Jordan Gelber in the film. The movie focuses on a man in his thirties who still lives with his parents. Tired of his life and working for his father, he strikes up a relationship with woman in a similar position to himself with the intention of shedding the status of “dark horse” within his family. Shooting begins in New York this week.

Variety is reporting that Robert De Niro is joining up with Buried director Rodrigo Cortés for his next feature Red Lights. The movie is a psychological thriller which will see De Niro play world-renowned psychic who finds himself being investigated by a para-psychologist who is out to debunk him, played by Sigourney Weaver. So De Niro + Waever + a hot new director. This should be good.

Jason Segal is actively casting for his forthcoming Muppet movie, with Amy Adams, Rashida Jones and Chris Cooper the latest names attached to the project. Adams is set to play Segal’s girlfriend, with Jones and ABC executive and Cooper the villain of the piece. The film, which is co-written by Segal will see the Muppets as they reunite to put on a show in order to save a movie studio. Heat Vision sets filming to start in November.

BleedingCool is reporting that Eva Green and Gerard Depardieu have signed on to star in Benoît Jacquot in his adaptation of Chantal Thomas’ Les Adieux à la Reine (Farewell, My Queen). Green will star as Marie Antoinette, with Lea Seydoux a reader to the queen who bears witness to the fall of the Bastille. No role has yet been defined for Depardieu but with his talent it’s bound to be good. The French have been known for making fabulous movies so this could be one to watch.