Good Idea/Bad Idea – Feb 17 2011

It’s time for another Good Idea/Bad Idea…

Good Idea: Getting Michel Gondry to direct the Philip K Dick novel Ubik. The madcap director seems like a pretty good fit for the often trippy world of Dick.
Bad Idea: Waiting until after Gondry went mainstream with Be Kind Rewind and The Green Hornet to make this happen. Hopefully it will the Eternal Sunshine Gondry that turns up, and not the director-for-hire Gondry. Link

Good Idea: Casting Alice Eve in Men in Black III. She’s set to play a young version of Emma Thompson, which should work as both are very good actresses.
Bad Idea: Waiting until the movie has already starting shooting to cast this role. Also starting shooting without a completed script. That’s a very bad idea indeed. Link

Good Idea: Richard Kelly directing non-sci-fi movie Corpus Christi. A change in direction should allow him to regain his form.
Bad Idea: Teaming up with Eli Roth as producer. He needs to be his own man dammit! Link

Good Idea:
Making a movie.
Bad Idea: Making a movie involving Michael Bay as director and starring Taylor Lautner. Sure it’ll probably make billions, but it’ll just be awful. Link

Good Idea: Matthew Vaughan planning his next project after X-Men: First Class.
Bad Idea: This next project not being Kick Ass 2, but rather an adaptation of a graphic novel by Jonathan Ross!  Link