Life As We Know It – Trailer

Katherine Heigl needs to get a better agent. I mean she’s almost always cast as the hot girl in the unbelievable situation, see Knocked Up, the upcoming The Killers and now Life As We Know It.

The movie focuses on Holly (Heigl) and Eric (Josh Duhamel, who also needs a new agent), two people who are set up on a date by their married best friend. The date doesn’t go well and to make matters worse their friends die in a car-crash leaving specific instructions that the mismatched duo raise their baby. Cue much comedy…seriously who comes up with this crap.

Coming up with this crap is director Greg Berlanti, who is one of the writers on Green Lantern (oh noes!), and from the look of the trailer this is another generic fish-out-of-water, bickering-couple-who-find-love stories. Maybe there’s a few nuggets of gold but none of them are in the trailer.

The movie is due out in October.