Jonah Hex – Second Trailer

It seems that Warner Bros. actually does want people to go see Jonah Hex, as they have just released another trailer for the upcoming comic-book adaptation.

Jonah Hex tells the story of the titular gun-slinger and bounty-hunter, who after narrowly escaping death, is on a mission to track down a dangerous terrorist. Half alive, half dead, and scarred for life Hex‘s origin is shrouded in mystery. His last remaining “friend” a prostitute, Leila, who has scars of her own.

Josh Brolin plays Hex, with Megan Fox as Leila and John Malkovich as Quentin Turnbull, the hunted man. Our own Michael Fassbender also has a role as Burke, a villain in his own right, and has been tattooed up to play the part.

The new trailer fleshes out some of the supernatural elements of the story, while adding some new footage. It looks a lot better than the first one but there’s still that lingering feeling that this could be a Solomon Kane level disappointment.

The movie is out June 18th in the States, with Ireland waiting till September.