Shanghai – Trailer

The Weinstein Company has released a trailer for their new espionage thriller Shanghai, starring John Cusack.

Cusack plays U.S. Secret Agent Paul Soames who arrives in Shanghai, a week before the attack on Pearl Harbor, to investigate the murder of his best friend. What he finds is a web of intrigue and mystery involving secret Japanese agents and the local criminal fraternity. Oh and he finds a love interest, who happened to be a gangster’s moll.

Cusack has reteamed with 1408 director Mikael Håfström on this project which features a strong cast that includes Chow Yun-Fat, Gong Li, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Franka Potente, David Morse and Ken Watanabe. Unfortunately this film has been pushed around the schedule by The Weinstein Company, indicating that they are unsure of an audience.

The trailer too seems to indicate that this may well be an exercise in style over substance. Personally I’m hoping for an Empire of the Sun meets Casablanca film, but I’m not holding my breath.

US release is scheduled for September with Europe to be confirmed.