The Losers – The Videos

I’ve been looking forward to seeing The Losers for a few months now and while Americans will get there chance next weekend to check it out we over on the other side of the Atlantic have to wait another full month. That means, with the wonder of modern technology, that we’ll have a pretty good idea if it turns out to be the fun-time action-fest that it’s been gearing up to be.

The marketing machine at Warner Bros. has been going at it hell for leather trying to ramp up anticipation for the A-Team baiting movie releasing clip after clip after clip. It’ll be interesting to see if this pans out at the box-office, but it seems to me that they’re in serious danger of giving away too much of the movie. I mean there’s 32 (now 33) videos out there…that’s 8 less than Iron Man 2! Oh and that goliath is coming one week later so it had better get the punters in week 1.

Still if you want to spoil your appetite for action I’ve collected all the clips below.

TV Spot – This Friday

Viral – Jensen’s Dating Tips

TV Spot – Critical Acclaim

TV Spot – Critical Acclaim II

This Got Serious

Children on Site

Where’s Your Gun

Under Attack

Take Him

Great Hat

Feel Better Now

Chopper Jacked

Business Proposition

B-Roll I

B-Roll II

B-Roll III

B-Roll IV

B-Roll V

B-Roll VI

Alternate Trailer

TV Spot – Revenge

TV Spot – Payback

TV Spot – Marked For Death

TV Spot – Rogue

TV Spot – Pooch

TV Spot – Jensen

TV Spot – Cougar

TV Spot – Clay

TV Spot – Aisha

TV Spot – Call

TV Spot – Being Good

TV Spot – Most Wanted