Anthony HopkinsAnthony Hopkins is God…well a god…well actually he’s just signed up the play a god in a movie, but that’s neither here nor there. The movie is Thor, the god is Odin, the one-eyed Norse Allfather also known as Woden or Wotan, and the man after whom Wednesday is named.

Hopkins joins an already strong cast in Northern Ireland’s Kenneth Brannagh’s adaptation of the Marvel comic. On board in the title role is Chris Hemsworth (he being better known as Kim from Home and Away or Captain Kirk’s dad in the last Star Trek), while Tom Hiddleston plays god of mischief Loki (seriously, how great would it be to be god of mischief?) and Natalie Portman is Thor’s love interest, Jane Foster. Plus there’s also Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury and Stellan Skarsgard in a still unspecified role.

In the movie, written by Mark Protosevich and Zack Stentz, the powerful but arrogant warrior Thor’s reckless actions re-ignite an ancient war. As punishment, Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans. Once here, he learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends dark forces to invade Earth.

The movie is out May 20th, 2011.


Etan CohenHollywood sure does love sequels. The latest sequels news concerns Men in Black III, with a third installment gearing up with new writer Etan Cohen.

Cohen was one of the men behind the hilarious Tropic Thunder and also penned Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. There’s no plot details of course, but then again MIB really doesn’t need much by way of a plot. Just put Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones on screen, give them big guns and sit back. Director of the first two, Barry Sonnenfeld, is tentatively attached, although The Hollywood Reporter says nothing has been confirmed. There’s no word yet as to whether Tommy Lee Jones will be involved, but rumours abound that Smith is interested in donning those iconic sunglasses one more time.

The first two films combined to earn nearly $1.1 billion worldwide, and the studio is looking to start filming early next year, for a 2011 release.

All I can say is that I hope it’s a damn sight better than the last one!


Reese WitherspoonThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Reese Witherspoon is attached to star in and executively produce Terrel Seltzer’s original screenplay Rule #1 for Fox Searchlight.

About a Boy producer Brad Epstein is behind the project, which sees a New York woman befriend a Puerto Rican girl with attention deficit disorder.

Seltzer wrote the comedy How I Got Into College and co-wrote the George Clooney-Michelle Pfeiffer romantic comedy One Fine Day.

That’s all I know and I’m not really bothered to find out much else. I’m sure it’ll still do big business at the box-office on Witherspoon’s name alone.


In what is a dreadful, simply dreadful idea, DreamWorks has decided to produce a script called Doggy Day Care.


Written by Laurie Craig, the movie will be set in a day care for (you’ve guessed it) dogs, and will show what the creatures do when humans aren’t around to watch them. Seems like someone watched Toy Story and 101 Dalmations and was inspired. Apparently Paulie writer Craig (seems she really loves talking animals) hatched this idea in conjunction with two friends Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Julie Goldstein. Three people to make what is basically a large Look Who’s Talking? Okay then.

No director is yet attached nor release date set, but with the Mayans predicting the end of the world as being December 21st 2012, my guess is that it’ll be around then.