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#Review: Incredibles 2

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Finally hitting Irish cinemas is the second chapter in the adventures of the Parr family. Incredibles 2 follows their continuing the adventures as everyone’s favourite superfamily.

In Incredibles 2 audiences see the Parr’s fresh off their crime-fighting adventure against the Underminer (John Ratzenberger). Unfortunately once again they have to deal with the government crackdown on supers. When the family can’t rely on the timely intervention of the program they have to stay in a motel.

Worrying about the future of their children Bob (Craig T. Nelson) and Helen (Holly Hunter) are approached by Lucius (Samuel L. Jackson). He says that someone is interested in demolishing the law that stops super’s from being super and they want the help of Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible. From there, our heroes swing into action with over the top action, stunning visuals, and brilliant returning and new characters.

What works so well about Incredibles 2 is that director Brad Bird brings the audience back into the world of the Parr’s so expertly. Even though it has been 14 years since we last saw them in action when they arrive on screen it feels like 14 seconds. There is a wonderful sense of seeing old friends again when the film begins.

The animation this time around is (pardon the pun) incredible. The 14 years since the first film show on the quality development. There are several notable scenes that show off how far Pixar has come as a company. In particular one scene with a raccoon and a baby that was easily the highlight of the film for me.

As well as the animation, the score is once again top notch. Filled with that same heart and bombastic oomph that audiences fell in love with all those years ago.

Incredibles 2

On the story side of Incredibles 2, there is an excellent dynamic shift that gives Elastigirl an excellent opportunity to shine. There is a world where this film could be called Elastigirl as she takes centre stage. She’s brilliant and has so many stand out moments with the villain of the piece Screenslaver. Most of the family get their time to shine as well with Violet having romance issues and Bob trying to deal with the ever-eccentric powerhouse Jack-Jack. Unfortunately, Dash doesn’t get much to do compared to his journey of self-discovery in the first film but he still is part of some great comedic bits with his family.

If there were any issues about Incredibles 2 it would be the fact that it feels somewhat familiar. There are several story beats that feel similar to the first film. For example, the choice in villain, the decisions about how Bob feels with how Helen’s mission compared to how Helen felt about Bob’s in the first film and the final act is also full of similarities to the first film. It doesn’t detract from the film too much but it still detracts.

What can I say that nobody hasn’t said in the last couple weeks about Incredibles 2? Nothing really, it’s excellent. The Incredibles are back and hopefully, they won’t be gone as long.