Lisa Frankenstein

Lisa Frankenstein, a cult classic in the making

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Full of vibrant colours, over-the-top performances and some cheeky humour, Lisa Frankenstein was a complete surprise. Starring Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse and from first-time feature director Zelda Williams, Lisa Frankenstein is another entry in the ‘Coming of Rage’ subgenre of films.

And as someone who has not seen many of these, I was quite impressed. There are films out there like Heathers, Superbad and Booksmart. Lisa Frankenstein fits cosily in with films.

The film sees Lisa (Newton) trying to get to grips with her new home after her mother is brutally murdered. She has a new sister, a new mom and her dad seems to have acclimated. She however is still feeling the loss. She finds comfort in the local haunted graveyard. Here she pines after a long-dead man from the 19th Century. Then, one night after a lightning storm he rises from the grave to woo her.

Hope this goth phase ends soon

Lisa Frankenstein is a cheeky film. Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse are a charming duo. Ironically full of life as they cause mayhem in Lisa’s sleepy little suburbia. Sprouse has no dialogue within the film, so he’s all about the physicality which he sells well. Lisa is an ever-evolving character, at first a wallflower but once the creature enters the scene she rapidly grows in presence and force. It’s a lot of fun seeing her, and the film as a whole, grow in eccentricity.

The soundtrack of the film is equally as cheeky with The Cure being utilised to full effect to set the mood of the film. Director Zelda Williams has delivered a visually impressive story. The colours are bright and striking and the characters within each film stand out, even if some of them are fairly two-dimensional. One particular favourite character of mine is Lisa’s stepsister Taffy (played by Liza Soberano). She could easily have been the usual stereotype. The ditzy, slutty, rude cheerleader. She is far more than that. She is the most developed character in my opinion and Soberano brings an excellent depth to her character. This adds further depth and character to the world of Lisa Frankenstein.

Lisa Frankenstein potentially could fly under the radar, I hope it doesn’t though. It’s fun, funny and has a wry wit at times and with a deliciously destructive duo at its core, it’s definitely something to check out.

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