Missing Link

#Review: Missing Link

Missing Link is full of charm, wit and wonder a must see at the movies for all adventurers big and small.
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Out this week in cinemas is the next big hit from Laika. That’s right ladies and gentlemen it’s Missing Link and it’s what you’re missing in your life.

Starring Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, and Zach Galifianakis Missing Link follows Sir Lionel Frost (Jackman). He is a man who hunts for the myths and legends of the worlds hoping to join an illustrious club headed by Lord Piggot-Dunceby (a suitably villainous Stephen Fry). When he is continually belittled by them he makes a claim that he’ll find the legendary Sasquatch after receiving a letter that imbues him with renewed conviction.

It’s not long into his adventure that he happens across the sasquatch and it turns out that the creature in question was the one who wrote the letter to Sir Lionel. When Lionel is told this by the Sasquatch (who can talk and write) he is further tasked by the sasquatch to bring him to the Himalayas so that he may be united with his cousins the Yetis.

Mystified by what has happened to him and with the opportunity of adventure ahead Lionel heads off to the Himalayas with the newly named Mr. Link in tow. Along the way, there is peril, a cavalcade of oddball characters, and some absolutely stunning animation on show.

Missing Link

Missing Link is another hit for Laika Studios. I loved this film. The cinematography and animation are beautiful and honestly, I was blown away by a lot of the scenery on display. There’s also loving detail added to the design of the characters. The heroes look suitably heroic and the villains look suitably sinister. A particular example would be the horrible Mr. Stenk (Timothy Olyphant). From his hook-like nose that is reminiscent of a vulture to his ragged looking teeth, he is the quintessential thug. This could have been an issue if he was predictable but he’s anything of the sort. He’s fun, he’s wild, and there are some nice comedic moments between him and the gang.

Along for the ride with Lionel and Mr. Link is the sassy Adelina Fortnight (Saldana) who has her own reason to bring Mr. Link to the home of his extended family. Adelina is yet another fun individual who brings a sense of depth and character to the world of Missing Link.

The best part of Missing Link though is not the acting, or the characters, or even the story which at times can be somewhat rudimentary. It’s the animation. I can’t get over the beauty and scope of the world. Even the way scenes are set up have a beauty to them. One scene, in particular, stands out on a ship at sea. The ship itself is turned almost completely 180 degrees and the characters have to compensate for it during a full-on chase scene and it’s magnificent. The way the scene is built just shows the creativity of the team at Laika.

Laika Studios have done it again with Missing Link. Missing Link is full of charm, wit and wonder a must see at the movies for all adventurers big and small.