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#Review: Jackass Forever

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The year is 2000 and I’m a young lad of 11 and something comes onto the television. It’s called Jackass and it is hilarious. It is 2022 and I am a man of 33 and I’m sitting down to watch Jackass Forever and it is hilarious. Many years have passed and I’ve changed as a person, a little bit for the worse and a little bit for the better. Watching these chaotic fools return though reminds me of simpler times and I can’t drop the smile on my face.

Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Wee-Man, Dave England, Steve-O, Ehren McGhehey, Preston Lacy have returned. They’re older but they are not wiser. They perform stunt after insane stunt constantly topping themselves all for their own twisted entertainment and I am here for it. Nothing has really changed for them except that their injuries have definitely taken a toll on their bodies. They’re still as weird and wonderful. Like previous entries in the series and films, this is a collection of vignettes. Each vignette getting wilder and wilder. The only way of telling if time has passed is that Johnny’s hair is grey because he stopped dying it after the pandemic hit.

There are two notable absenses. Ryan Dunne, who sadly passed due to a car accident. His gleeful energy is missed as he was a personal favourite of mine. Another is Bam Margera who was ousted from the production due to unruly behaviour.

Jackass Forever is the funniest film I have seen in a long time. I worried that being away from it for so long and maturing (possibly) would change my opinion of it. Well, it turns out if you were ever a fan of Jackass you’ll always be a fan of Jackass. That is also to its detriment though as non-fans will not be interested in this new entry in the Jackass canon.

Jackass Forever is a wild film. It’s filled with some ridiculous over the top stunts but behind it is a strangesweetness. This is a brotherhood that we have all been a part of for over 2 decades and it may end here. The lads I think know this and so this adds to the eccentricities of their latest stunts. One particular “arc” involving Ehren had me in stitches. If I can recommend anything is that it’s best seen with a group as you’ll all be along for the same journey.

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