Nightflyers - Concept art of ship
Nightflyers - Concept art of ship

#Teilifis: George R. R. Martin has been talking about new series Nightflyers

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has been writing on his “Not a Blog” LiveJournal about the latest series to be based on his work, Nightflyers, which is currently in production in Troy Studios in Limerick.

“NIGHTFLYERS will be shot in the Republic of Ireland, I’m told, on sound stages in Limerick… which will give them access to the same great pool of Irish and British actors that GAME OF THRONES has tapped in Belfast (and considering how many characters we’ve killed, a lot of them should be available). ((If by some miracles I actually complete enough of my other projects to create some free time, I’ve love to go over there and kill two birds with one flight by visiting both the GOT and NIGHTFLYERS sets… but that remains a long shot, given my current word load)). If all goes according to schedule, the series should debut this summer, in late July. It will be broadcast on SyFy in the USA, and on Netflix around the world.”

The show, which is produced by NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment for the SyFy Channel, has been ordered straight-to-series following the start of production on a pilot. Netflix were recently in talks to acquire the science-fiction/horror show to its roster.

Series one will consist of 10 episodes and follows a group of scientists who begin a deep space voyage to find alien lifeform, and in doing so fall victim to the ship’s malevolent computer.

Nightflyers is created by Jeff Buhler and Daniel Cerone based on Martin’s novella, with Cerone acting as showrunner and Buhler writing the initial pilot for the series. Director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) will act as an executive producer.