Conor MacSweeney (ALEX MURPHY), Mairead MacSweeney (HILARY ROSE) - (C) Vico Films - Photographer: Miki Barlok
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RTÉ One to air The Young Offenders series 3 from July 24th

Created by Peter Foott, The Young Offenders tells the coming of age adventures of Conor (Alex Murphy) & Jock (Chris Walley) and their mother/guardian Mairéad (Hilary Rose) as she tries to keep them on the straight and narrow. Set in Cork, the best friends continue to navigate their awkward teenage years as they hatch plans to help distract from their tough home lives, work on sustaining their relationships and try to care for the newest family member, baby Star.  

We are so happy that series 3 is getting to screens a little earlier than we thought it might.  Given that it has been a very difficult time for so many over the last few months, we hope that series 3 will bring a smile to our audiences faces when it’s most needed.  The whole team are really excited to have everyone see the new series, it was a labour of love for all our amazing cast and crew.  We’re also delighted that it will be moving to RTÉ 1 at 9.35 pm on Fridays.  We really hope viewers enjoy this third series which we are very proud of.

Peter Foott, Creator

The comedy series has proved to be a huge hit with RTÉ viewers since its debut, with the last series averaging 377,000, and 42% share among 15 to 34-year-olds on RTÉ2, and 1.14m streams on RTÉ Player.

The Young Offenders was one of the top overall shows for BBC Three last year for both 16-34-year-olds and all adults. The first two series plus last year’s Christmas special now have over 25 million requests on iPlayer.  The box set of series 3 will land on BBC Three and the BBC iPlayer for UK viewers on July 19th.

The Young Offenders has been commissioned for BBC Three by Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three, Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning and Alex Moody, BBC Comedy Commissioning. The Commissioner for the BBC is Ben Caudell. The Executive Producers for Vico Films are Peter Foott and Martina Niland, the Producer is Tim Whitby.

Billy Murphy (SHANE CASEY), Jock O'Keeffe (CHRIS WALLEY), Conor MacSweeney (ALEX MURPHY)
Billy Murphy (SHANE CASEY), Jock O’Keeffe (CHRIS WALLEY), Conor MacSweeney (ALEX MURPHY)
Jock O'Keeffe (CHRIS WALLEY), Star O'Keeffe (PENNY & NOLA RICHARDSON), Conor MacSweeney (ALEX MURPHY) Credit BBC Three
Jock O’Keeffe (CHRIS WALLEY), Star O’Keeffe (PENNY & NOLA RICHARDSON), Conor MacSweeney (ALEX MURPHY) Credit BBC Three