JoinedNovember 6th, 2019
Vivarium brings you down-the-rabbit-hole and into the dark heart of modern, mundane suburbia. The result is a brilliant, hard-to-pin-down sophomore feature from Irish director Lorcan Finnegan – and one, that in the context of Covid-19, already seems to be garnering new meanings.
A Hidden Life
Terrence Malick’s latest film A Hidden Life is a tepid affair, a mismatch of style and content which fails to break new ground for the director while allowing him to indulge in all of his more frustrating tendencies.
Ordinary Love
Ordinary Love is a touching, sensitive drama about a couple dealing with the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis which is bolstered by two stellar performances and a script with an eye for the microscopic.
Trey Edward Shults’ Waves is as mesmerising as it is moving, a family saga that remains affirmative and hopeful even as it explores the pressures and darker aspects of contemporary American life.
Little Women
Greta Gerwig’s adaption of Little Women respects Alcott’s novel but also challenges it through its structural reimagining and metatextuality. The resulting film confirms Gerwig as one of the most exciting directors working today while Ronan and Pugh deliver two of the year’s best performances.