Competition: Win a copy of The Yank on DVD

TheYank-DVD-2DBulldog Film Distribution have announced that their Irish-American romantic comedy The Yank, the début film from director Sean Lackey, will be released on DVD on March 6th. The film stars Colm Meaney, Fred Willard (WALL.E, Anchorman), Kevin P Farley (The Waterboy), and Martin Maloney (The Hardy Bucks).

To celebrate the release of the film they have given us 5 copies to give away to our lucky readers.

The Yank tells the story of fourth generation Irish-American Tom Murphy, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his family who are as Irish as they come – well they’re as Irish as Americans who’ve never been to Ireland can be! When he learns that he is to be best man at his friend’s wedding taking place in Ireland, Tom’s family are keen to encourage him to take advantage of the trip and find himself an Irish girl to settle down with. Unsurprisingly, the trip defies expectations and on a hilarious journey of discovery Tom learns that some roots should be left in the ground…

The film, shot on location in both the US and Ireland is a love-letter not only to Ireland but also to the strong cultural connections felt by many Irish-Americans who have never even visited the Emerald Isle. The Yank was filmed at many cultural and social landmarks across Ireland.

Speaking about the release, Sean Lackey, director of The Yank said: [quote]I felt compelled to write this story by my own experiences. My parents emigrated from Ireland and when we were growing up in Cleveland, St. Patrick’s Day was a feast day celebrated with mass. It wasn’t green beer, corned beef sandwiches, and viewing The Quiet Man, it was a holy day. I also think that when one comes from such a strong cultural or religious background, families tend to push their young adults into marrying their “own kind” and I’ve tried to address this in a humorous way with this film. The film took two years to write and has been a labour of love for me to make, I’m delighted that we are now able to release this film on DVD in Ireland.[/quote]

The Yank, certificate 12A, will be released on DVD on March 6th and will be available for purchase nationwide. The film will also be available for purchase from March 6th on iTunes.

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