The 250

The Best of What’s Around – The 250 Podcast

Friend of the site, part-time contributor, and frequent podcast guest, Darren Mooney, has started a new podcast, The 250.

The Internet Movie Database has curated a list of the best movies of all time since the mid-nineties, drawn from the votes of film fans around the world. The result is one of the most democratic (and dynamic) listings of movies on the planet, that runs from modern fan favourites like Captain America: The Winter Soldier to nineties cult hits like The Big Lebowski to European classics like The 400 Blows.

The 250 is a fortnightly trip through the IMDb’s Top 250 Movies of all time, guided by a random number generator and curated by hosts Andrew Quinn and Darren Mooney. Episodes release at 6pm every second Saturday, but keep a look out for the occasional bonus episode as the occasion calls for it.

We whole-heartedly recommend checking out this great new Irish podcast. Start now with episode one and follow the guys on Twitter.