Red Carpet Report – The Sound of Music @ JDIFF 2015

Over the last few days with the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival coming to an end Scannain was out and about taking to the actors and directors on the red carpet. Last Sunday the festival ended with a 50th anniversary gala screening of The Sound of Music. Star Julie Andrews was in the city for an interview in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre before attending the gala.


So Julie you’re bringing out a new series in 2016 with your daughter Emma, what’s it like bringing a new story to a new generation of children?

It’s kind of wonderful, it’s a pleasure to work with my daughter and we’ve written a lot of books together actually and we’ve got a couple more we’re about to start. It’s a pleasure.

Do you ever wake up some mornings and go wow, this is my life?

Every day of my life, some times three or four times a day. I mean it, I’ve been a very blessed lady and I’ve had phenomenal mentors and kind people around me.

Do you have any moments that you’ll cherish forever?

I have a couple, and I suppose you want to know what they are? Oddly, giving birth to my daughter. It was a miracle.

Finally Julie have you ever taken anything interesting from a set of a movie you’ve made?

Oh I thought for a moment you were talking about drugs. Have I ever taken anything from a set of a movie I was on? Just once, I don’t do it often which is quite stupid. I took the very nice pair of boots from Mary Poppins, but I didn’t wear them I just kept them and now they’re somewhere in my office.