Open Mic Dublin – The Movie

#IrishAbroad: Underground Irish documentary Open Mic Dublin selected for the Irish Film Festival NJ

Underground Irish documentary Open Mic Dublin – The Movie has been selected for a screening at the Irish Film Festival in New Jersey, scheduled for February 9th. This is a strong endorsement for the Dublin underground film scene and will bring welcome attention to the collection of artists featured in the movie.

The feature length documentary is the result of a two-year comprehensive examination of the artists and hosts of the scene in Dublin. It includes an interview with the man who started the first open mic in Dublin, ran open mics for 25 years, and who influenced the development of successful artists like Gemma Hayes, Damien Dempsey, Glen Hansard and many more.

Open mic hosts Alan Morton and Conor Clancy, of the Jailbreak Sessions in the Patriot Inn Kilmainham, have created what could be the feel-good movie of the year. The stories are great, the talent is astounding and the origins from 25 years ago is a surprise and a delight. The whole film is awash with superb music and poetry, captured live in the raw and wild stories of the extraordinary things people have seen.

As a debut feature this an astounding first shot for the director. It also brings attention to a phenomenal part of Dublin’s nightlife, rarely spoken about, but infinitely praiseworthy.
Alan Morton, Director

The film is is the first project of its kind attempted for this scene. Nine open mic hosts and 22 performers were interviewed for the project and many hours of performances captured live in eight different locations.

For more details on the film on Facebook. An Irish screening date and location is expected to be announced soon.