#Event: Dublinia presents the inaugural VikingFest 2018, March 30th to April 2nd

Dublinia is set to present the inaugural VikingFest 2018, a 4 day celebration of Viking Culture, happening Easter weekend at Dublinia and Wood Quay from the 30th of March – 2nd of April.

This unmissable festival of Viking heritage will include Living History demonstrations and Viking ships moored and on display in Wood Quay. The highlight of VikingFest is a live outdoor spectacle with the Follow the Vikings audio visual and theatrical performance on Saturday 31st March at the historic Wood Quay amphitheatre. VikingFest celebrates the cultural and historic impact of the Vikings.

Dublinia is delighted to be part of the Creative Europe Follow the Vikings project which seeks to create a borderless tourism destination focusing on the Viking World. Working with our international partners we have created the Follow the Vikings roadshow which travels to 12 important Viking heritage sites across Europe with Dublin and Waterford being two of those sites.  With the support of our partners Dublin City Council and Failte Ireland we have up-scaled this event to bring you VikingFest.
Denise Brophy, Director – Dublinia

So what is happening during VikingFest?

  • Living History, Viking Weaponry, Coin Minting and Crafts at Dublinia 30th March -2nd Aprll.  See Viking weaponry on display along with the art of coin minting and many other activities from Viking times.
  • Vikings Ships moored and on display: 31st March – 1st April. The Vikings are coming back to Wood Quay with two Viking ships sailing up the Liffey to Wood Quay, these will be moored and on display for all to see with a Viking ship aground on Wine Tavern Street. Lakeland Viking warriors will be on hand to tell you all about Viking life and the sea. The ships are being provided by Lakes Event Services who provide the longboats to the Vikings TV series.
  • Highlight event – Follow the Vikings audio visual and theatrical extravaganza on Saturday night, 31st March.   Audiences will be enthralled by the international Follow the Vikings show, taking place outdoors in the wonderful historic Wood Quay amphitheatre. The creative narrative of the show uses the life and times of Icelandic warrior poet Egill Skallagrímsson as inspiration. Egil the revered and fearsome warrior saves his own life, not with the sword or axe as you would imagine, but by reciting a poem to make his great enemy Erik Bloodaxe immortal.  Experience 45 minutes of film, animation, projection, sound, dance, drumming, battle re-enactment and live action. An event not to be missed!

This performance takes place at 8.30pm with a second show at 9.45 pm.  The show is free of charge but is ticketed, and tickets will be available from the 1st of March on www.dublinia.ie.  Dublinia is offering discounted admission to its exhibitions during this exciting weekend.

Dublinia a unique Viking and Medieval Experience in the heart of the city is a not for profit education and research organisation.   Dublinia hosts VikingFest 2018 with support from Creative Europe, Failte Ireland, and Dublin City Council.