launches partnership with the National Media College Dublin to create new copyright protection messages

Lovemovies has launched a new partnership with the National Media College, Dublin inviting students to create a new message /trailer that highlights the issues surrounding copyright protection and the effects of illegal downloading on the Irish Film Industry. The winning entry will screen in cinemas nationally this September as part of the ad reel messages before the main feature film.

Eoin Wrixon of WIDE EYE MEDIA said of this partnership: [quote]Wide Eye Media is delighted to support the Media College initiative to raise awareness of Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection. Without these, there is no film industry. We recognise all the hard work that goes into making movies and which has to be paid for. We are looking forward to putting the winning entry on the big screen.[/quote]

The entries will be voted on by the Irish Industry Trust for IP Awareness, aided by Michael Garland of Grand Pictures who will also offer advice and support to the students getting started on this project. Kelly McErlean, Director of NMC has said [quote]This is a great opportunity for next the generation of Filmmakers to show their  understanding of copyright issues and the important part the audience plays in the Film Industry[/quote].

This partnership gives new content to bring to their Workshops and Website where the best of the entries will be available to view as part of their Moments Worth Paying For campaign library.

The newly rebranded and improved aims to educate and inform audiences on how to protect copyright and promote creativity. Alison Crinion, Communications Director, Irish Industry Trust says; [quote]Every cinema ticket, DVD and download purchased supports the film industry and Irish Economy, it is important to give the next generation of Irish Film-makers a voice to ensure their future.[/quote]