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#Industry: Four Irish production companies awarded MEDIA Slate Funding

Four Irish companies, from five applicants, have been successful in getting their upcoming Development Slates funding from the Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

In total Creative Europe awarded €12,491,675 in funding, with the four Irish companies receiving a total amount of €648,689.

The breakdown by company is as follows:

  • Crossing the Line Films – €123,232
  • Fantastic Films – €200,000
  • Fastnet Films – €178,555
  • Treasure Entertainment – €146,902

Since the launch of the Creative Europe 2014-2020 programme, Ireland has performed very well with an increased number of high quality projects being submitted and going on to receive MEDIA funding under the various programmes. Ireland’s success rate in this round of funding was 80%, which was the third highest of countries with 5 or more applications, behind Sweden (89%) and Denmark (86%).

Check out the Creative Europe Ireland website for more information on Single and Slate Development Funding.