Irish Film: A look at the October Eleven Pictures slate

One of the more interesting small Irish film production companies on the block has to be October Eleven Pictures. Founded in Dublin in 2002 by brothers Jason and Jonathan Figgis, the company has produced films that have garnered a host of critical plaudits, including two IFTA nominations.

Scannain asked Jason for a summary of what the company has in the works and here is a look at what they have. These films are all available or soon will be in the US and nearer to home.

The company is also working on 2 more features , Don’t You Recognise Me? and Family, that should be with us later this year.


A Christmas Carol

Based on the Charles Dickens novel. On the anniversary of Jacob Marley’s death, his business partner Ebenezer Scrooge finds unwelcome company in the form of three spirits from Christmases Past, Present and Yet to Come. If he is to have any future at all, he must first come to terms with actions from his past. These three spirits are about to show Ebenezer Scrooge the night of his life.

Cast: Vincent Fegan, Bryan Murray, Neill Fleming and Lara Belmont, with Brendan Grace, Brendan O’Carroll and Laurance Foster as Charles Dicken

Crew: Jason Figgis (Writer, Producer and Director), Jonathan Figgis (Producer), Carl Shaaban (Producer), Michael Richard Plowman (Score), Moya Brennan (Score), Lorna Orr (Makeup)


Children of a Darker Dawn

Our Jason is a fan of this one!

The story sees a world where a virus has decimated the adult population, driving parents mad and then into death. Children and teens are left to watch the horrific process, and then to fend for themselves. Sisters Evie and Fran travel from town to town, foraging for food and carrying memories of their mother. Finding overnight shelter in a derelict building, they are awoken by shouts… and a battle between the newcomers and a teen commune with a dark past of its own begins. The tense atmosphere explodes into violence and bloodshed. Teen romances, sexual jealousies, and sadistic cliques inflame a grisly struggle for food. It’s the road to a grim new civilization.

Cast: Catherine Wrigglesworth, Emily Forster, Jennifer Graham, Justin Rodgers Hall, Adam Tyrell

Crew: Jason Figgis (Writer, Producer and Director), Jonathan Figgis (Producer)


Cathnafola (plus Leap Into Darkness – Bonus Film)

In December 2010 acclaimed paranormal investigator Chris Halton of Haunted Earth UK was sent a DVD with footage of a night vigil taken by three teenagers at the ruins of Cathnafola House in the Republic of Ireland. Intrigued by the contents of the film, Halton set out to research the bloody history of Cathnafola and it’s former inhabitants and to conduct his own night time investigation at the infamous ruins with terrifying and disturbing revelations.

Chris Halton and his paranormal investigation team, Haunted Earth UK investigate the paranormal tales that abound at the notoriously haunted Leap Castle in the Ireland.

Crew: Jason Figgis (Director)


Once Upon a Time in Dublin (3 Crosses)

Jonnie and Jay Linski are siblings with a heavy cross to bear following the brutal murder of their beloved younger brother, Danny. They seek solace at society’s fringes; older brother Jay turning to increasingly violent criminal behaviour while Jonnie exorcises his demons as a successful bare-knuckle boxer. With a suspect in mind, Jonnie embarks on a disturbing plan to avenge his brother but in the nefarious twilight world they inhabit – nothing is as it seems. Described by Showbiz Ireland as ”a romping roller-coaster of blood and violence”, the Linski’s world is about to spiral out of control as they come face to face, in an explosive confrontation, with those truly responsible for Danny’s death.

Cast: Marian Araujo, Karl Argue, Caprice Bourret, Barry John Byrne, Wayne Byrne, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Tim Dillard, Camille Donegan, Stephen Farrelly, Bill Fellows, Natalie Geller, Karl Hayden, Adam Henshaw, Yare Michael Jegbefume, Natalia Kostrzewa, Eoin Macken, Jose Mantero, Maria Manton, Omero Mumba, Samantha Mumba, Marcio Reolon, David Ryan, Emmett Scanlan, Griet van Damme, Laura Way, Olga Wehrly

Crew: Jason Figgis (Writer, Producer and Director), Jonathan Figgis (Producer), Gerry Owens (Music)