All Hail – New Prince of Persia Posters

One of next summers big block-buster movies seems to be taking all the wrong choices when it comes to marketing itself and generating word of mouth. While Iron Man 2 has released some very subtle and very cool teaser posters, Walt Disney Pictures’ Prince of Persia has gone down a decidedly unspectacular route.

So far they’ve released a trailer which was adequate but give no new incentive to the general populace to join the hordes of video game and Jake Gyllenhaal fans who will be anxiously awaiting the movies release.
They’ve also given us 3 posters, the first a standard one-sheet of the prince in action, the second a close-up Gemma Arterton’s face under the headline “Destiny” (obviously to appeal to a male audience), and the third and latest a close-up of Gyllenhaal’s face under the headline “Courage” (to appeal to the ladies).

The thing is all 3 posters are unimaginative and lacking in a certain wow factor. Perhaps I just don’t get what the publicists are going for. To me the seem dull and pale, there’s just no vitality or energy to them. It’s Gladiator white-washed.

The movie, directed by Mike Newell will be released May 28th, 2010.