Prepare for battle – Wife vs. Ninja

Now here’s an idea so bad that it might actually turn out to be good…Angry housewife takes on rogue ninja assassin.

Coming from the mind of About Schmidt and The Opposite of Sex writer, Michael Besman, the plot for Wife vs. Ninja revolves around a Long Island housewife. After her husband leaves her for his intern she is shocked to discover that said intern is actually a ninja assassin hell-bent on stealing her husbands work. So a kind of comedy Kill Bill, in reverse.

Writers Michael Zam and Jaffe Cohen are also attached to the project which Besman will produce, and Dreamworks are providing the finance for this high-octane bitch-fight. No word on a possible release or director or cast as of yet, but expect more news as it becomes available.

I find it staggering that this idea can get such support when Moon director Duncan Jones is having difficulty financing his second feature Mute.